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Staying on Lefkada Island, in your own holiday villa near at amazing beaches, with unlimited view to Ionian Sea and the sunset….


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The villas of absolute isolation, luxury and relaxation in one of the most beautiful and calm regions of Lefkada.


Our love for the sun, the sea and nature led us to the manufacture of a complex where the visitor is charmed from the vastness of the Ionian Sea, enjoys the calmness and the joy of life.
They are all manufactured with best standards, they provide luxury, far away from the indiscreet eyes, they offer great comfort, so that you enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. They combine both mountain and sea. Enjoy your breakfast admiring the turqoise waters of the Ionian or have a drink in the evening looking at the sunset spreading a pallette of colours..
The complex is hardly 15 minutes (12klm) away from the city of Lefkada and 2 minutes (2klm) from the most beautiful beach of Kathisma and the graphic village of Agios Nikitas (3klm)
So near…... but also so far…...We are waiting to accommodate you.

Select the type of accommodation that suits you and enjoy your vacation!


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